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  • Sadi Mohammad Shahnewaz

  • Mala artist


    I am intrigued by how much music you manage to do even though you live in Australia! How do you manage?
  • Nusrat Imrose Tisha

    The Enchantress Next Door

    Is it the endearing smile, or is it the charming personality? Is it her impeccable acting, or her elegant demeanor?
  • dhallywood hot news

    A Love Letter to 2017!

    In some ways, 2017 for the entertainment industry was like the previously newlywed bride that built a rapport with you over time. You have good understanding with each other, but at the same time have some tumultuous fallouts that, in the long run only help you to become a stronger couple. Similarly, the achievements that the industry had received far overshadowed the controversies that had surrounded it.
  • Farhin Khan Joyita

    Farhin Khan Joyita was born in a family of high cultural pedigree, with her mother being the renowned Rabindra Sangeet exponent Mita Haque and her father the 'Juboraj' of Bangladeshi theatre, Khaled Khan. However, she has carved her own path with her technically sound and soulful singing which is appreciated by all in the industry and beyond. Star Showbiz talks to the brilliant singer on her current projects, passion for music and much more!
  • The Moon that never loses his Glow

    It has been a long time! What have you been up to lately?