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  • Rubana Huq

    Managing Director, Mohammadi Group

  • The promise beyond tragedy

    A critical examination of our trade balance with Japan brings in a few interesting statistics. While the Japanese import of apparel had shrunk to JPY 2,910 billion in 2016, Bangladesh remained amongst the top four exporting countries.
  • Truth hurts, doesn't it?

    These days, one has to keep all the “right” answers ready for questions one has no answers to.
  • A platform of trust

    When I hear hardened words from trade union leaders, instead of critiquing, I try and reason, and pose a critical question to myself and most of my more self-aware colleagues: Do they sound the way they sound because of their years of dissatisfaction or disappointment? Perhaps.
  • Proof of Hope

    Like me, many haven't lost faith in adult education yet. In fact, I just read about a 74-year old PhD scholar. The oldest doctoral graduate of Sichuan University conducted his doctoral dissertation defence at the age of 74.
  • Speak no evil

    Early morning tweets are something I wake up to and they form the structure of my day. Most news items shape the next 16 hours.