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  • Porimol Palma

  • A trick Dhaka fell for

    The repatriation of Rohingyas was supposed to begin last month as per an agreement signed by Bangladesh and Myanmar, but a pre-condition set at the eleventh hour held up the process.
  • Ensure their safety, citizenship first

    Return of the Rohingyas without guaranteeing citizenship and safety in Myanmar will not be sustainable, but will contribute to another cycle of exodus in the long run, says a UK-based Rohingya rights activist.
  • Stepping up fight for safe food

    People can expect a strong grip on contaminating food and its marketing as Bangladesh Food Safety Authority is gearing up its activities in a coordinated manner to ensure food safety from farm to plate.
  • Excessive Lead in Powdered Milk: No marketing before laboratory tests

    The customs authorities have been asked to ensure that all milk powder importers stock products in their own warehouses and have those tested at designated laboratories before marketing.
  • Blood donors at fingertips

    Imagine you have an emergency patient, a loved one, needing blood. You write a Facebook post seeking blood or contact the blood banks. If everything works well, you may get blood in time. Otherwise, the patient's life might be in danger.