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  • Amateur Writing Mistakes

    The best way to be proficient at something is perhaps the incessant ordeal of trial and error that goes into it. However, repetition alone is not good enough if one doesn't work on the issues that hindered the progress before. Often is the case that one doesn't necessarily realise where their work is falling short of the standard they are striving to achieve and thus fail to improve upon it.
  • Game of Thrones characters in our everyday lives

    Apart from a gripping story and deep lore, one of the biggest charms of George R. R. Martin's epic fantasy series “A Song of Ice and Fire”, and its subsequent television adaptation “Game of Thrones”, is without a doubt its strong multi-dimensional characters.
  • Crows and Cons

    And so he did. Brushing off all the times his classmates called him certain things regarding his weight, Rafi made it, with a glorious manoeuvre that would put the acrobatics team to shame. It was nearly perfect.
  • A loveletter to Nilkhet

    I've never been a person eloquent with words, so excuse me if my attempt at romanticism fails to grab your attention. And why shouldn't it? Is there any meaningful assortment of words which I can pull together that you haven't heard before?
  • Shining through the glaring faults

    With great releases this year from artists like Gorillaz, Blackfield, Pond, and so on, Foster the People's latest release “Sacred Hearts Club” brought with it a whole lot of expectations to live up to.