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  • Innovation - How Nintendo stays in the game

    The video game industry is indebted to Nintendo for a great number of reasons. Whether it is bringing video games out of arcades and making it accessible to the populace with resounding success or bringing the industry back in track after the video game crash of 1983, Nintendo remains as one of the forefathers and pioneers of this billion dollar industry. While several other classic companies teetered off to
  • Modern Day Heroes

    People say “chivalry is dead”, that we don't live in the age of heroes anymore. Gone are the days when people would rise up against injustice and oppression, break forth the shackles of the old and redundant to fight for all that is right. However, I sternly disagree with this sentiment and why should I not?
  • Windless

    “Take it or leave it. You won't get a better deal anywhere in the Sector-C,” grumbled the man behind the counter. His voice made even more indecipherable through his respiratory device. R-no knew the man was right. Not because the man was demanding a reasonable price compared to the others, but because he knew for certain no one else had the little ornament he had, tucked safely in his palm as he glared impatiently at R-no.
  • Existence and Other Inconveniences

    I regret to inform you that I, the tenant from flat 3B, shall no longer be living at your apartment. I have come upon this decision after
  • Learning worldbuilding from video games

    The art of storytelling is not confined to novels. It can be found in a song, it can be there in a poem, and it most certainly can be in a video game. As a matter of fact the word “Can” doesn't do justice to the video games of the present.