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  • Naznin Tithi

  • Events that defined 2017

  • Another brutal year for children

    AS we look back at the previous year which saw an increase of violence against children we must take a vow to play our part to make 2018 a better year for children. It is really hard to drive away our frustration at our collective failure to protect our children from the various forms of abuse that they have to suffer on a regular basis.
  • Dr Maung Zarni

    “Ending the genocide is not profitable”

    First, I have been a human rights and political activist for the last 29 years. I can't call myself a human rights defender and turn my back on my own country's genocide, like most human rights defenders in Myanmar are doing today.
  • Looking beyond the numbers

    A teenage girl named Zannat used to come to our house in Mirpur occasionally to help my mother with household work, some six or seven years ago.
  • Teacher politics: Plaguing our public universities

    One of my teachers at college would often say, “Even if you take a walk through a (public) university campus, you will learn many things about life.”