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  • Nazmul Ahasan

  • Enabling political bullies

    Last week, a video went viral on social media of a protest rally by a group of students at MH Samorita Medical College. They were protesting against the alleged fee hike by the college.
  • The rise of tycoons in politics

    According to media reports, Tabith Awal remains as BNP's man in the Dhaka North mayoral polls, while Awami League is set to choose Atiqul Islam as its candidate.
  • Facebook's threats to the social fabric

    Former US President Barack Obama has recently joined a growing chorus of critics of social media.
  • Events that defined 2017

  • Spot the VC

    In October 2016, one particularly astute professor (let's call her VC-aspirant A) received an intel “through reliable sources” that the government would soon appoint a pro-Vice Chancellor at Rajshahi University,