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  • Suu Kyi's cowardly speech

    Suu Kyi's speech was not only “disappointing” but also cowardly. It towed the typical line of “we have to look at both sides”, completely oblivious to the power dynamics at play: the national army versus a dispossessed population.
  • Doklam standoff, Bhutan and its quest for greater freedom

    Has anyone asked what Bhutan—the tiny kingdom hidden in the folds of the eastern Himalayas—has to say?
  • The bus is indeed moving backwards

    A Facebook post shared by a man named Rushad Faridi caught my eye recently. He shared an article with an intriguing title, which he had written for Prothom Alo. But it wasn't the article that grabbed everyone's attention at first. It was the fact that Faridi, a professor in the economics department at Dhaka University, was placed on forced leave less than a week after the article was published on July 7.
  • Justice After Nuremberg

    When the Nuremberg War Trial began more than 70 years ago, it marked a watershed moment in international law.
  • The war that never ended

    “The world watched through my camera [as] this soldier shot the boy in cold blood, and his life was not in any danger at all.