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  • Nafis Imtiaz Onish

  • An abundance of local business competitions

    Much has already been said about the importance of student competitions. To reiterate, these competitions are pivotal in aiding students to develop themselves.
  • Back to lazy superhero shows

    The Devil of Hell's Kitchen, the unyielding girl, the man with unbreakable skin and the sworn protector of K'un-Lun — an ensemble of heroes you did not know or care about until MCU's bold ventures into the TV screen.
  • Video Essay channels on YouTube

    YouTube constantly sees through the rise and fall of trends over time. Some trends leave a longer lasting impression, while others fizz out quickly.
  • Ludo STAR

    If there is one board game that every Bangladeshi kid grows up with, it has to be the legendary “Ludo”. It is super cheap, easily available in even the smallest grocery stores and immense fun for all ages.
  • Artsy milkshake refilled for the season

    In the melancholic humdrums of a hectic city, we are like rusty old machines gruellingly running from one job to the next.