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  • Mithi Chowdhury

    Mithi Chowdhury is a dog-loving-movie-watching-mediocrity-fearing normal person. Either that or a penguin.

  • Enjoyable? Yes, but very different from the book.

    I'll get straight to the point. Those who haven't read the book will thoroughly enjoy this movie; those who have read the book are going to hate this iteration with a burning passion. That premise aside, adapting any Stephen King novel is a Herculean task.
  • The Day I Decided to Give Zero *Fishes*

    Scrolling through my newsfeed everyday draws my attention to at least one meme stating in boldface “not a single fish given”. (Yes, I too reached for that other word but let's keep things PG-13, shall we?) Oh, you know what I'm talking about.
  • A Mediocre Prequel to a Prequel

    Horror movies are difficult to get right. We often come across great ones that keep us at the edge of our seats, face hidden by a blanket.
  • Thoughts of a soon-to-be graduate

    I remember when being a 90's kid used to be cool.
  • Software skills to boost your résumé

    Whether you're trying to get through university, land that coveted internship, or just learn something new, everything you do along the way adds something to your CV.