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  • Khadi - An eco-friendly product for the soulful

    It is surely a proud moment for Bangladesh; we are set on a high tide to reviving our lost heritage. Muslin, Jamdani, Khadi, Nakshi kantha – these very names restore a connection to our very own royal past; rich heritage and the unique talent of our artisan weavers.
  • Bohochic versus Classics

    There is something we like about trends; they always come back with a new beat!
  • Aarong Eid ul Azha Collection 2017

    In the world of fashion, monsoon holds a special position — it's a time when every fashionista gets a chance to effortlessly flaunt bright colours and subtle hues at the same time. There are no steadfast rules and the clothing often resembles the mood of the wearer.

    Does the monsoon weather strike the romantic chord in you? Does it feel like the appropriate time to catch up with old friends, have some coffee while discussing lines from Tagore? If it does, then you are definitely a pluviophile like the other few billion mortal beings on earth.
  • All things base with Tilat Khayer

    We have heard a lot about makeup, like the tricks to picking the right shade of lipstick, the proper application of eye-shadow, and so much more.