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  • All things base with Tilat Khayer

    We have heard a lot about makeup, like the tricks to picking the right shade of lipstick, the proper application of eye-shadow, and so much more.
  • Summertime Eid by Chondona R Dewan

    It must be; because summer means all of these and so much more to every single one of us. So many romantic poets have penned down the picturesque representation of summer.
  • Crazy cravings

    Moistened, deep fried lentil balls dipped in rich creamy mixture of yoghurt, garnished with the perfect concoction of tangy and spicy signature sauce...
  • The bird that helps lift spirits — Sunbird

    There is something special in Bangladesh's air, something extraordinary with its people! Why else would countless expats like Samira Kenward Tharani call this place a second home?

    We may never be able to make it to Mars or Pluto but we can surely capture the ethereal beauty of these beautiful planets by dyeing our hair in jewel tones like blue...