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    Mahmood Hasan

    Former Ambassador and Secretary

  • Merkel's chances in the upcoming election

    Urope's economic giant Germany is set to hold its federal election on September 24, 2017. All eyes are now focused on Chancellor Angela Merkel, who is seeking a fourth term. If elected, Merkel, the first woman ever to lead Germany, may match the records set by Konrad Adenauer (14 years) or Helmut Kohl (16 years).
  • Where is the international outcry?

    The situation on the Bangladesh-Myanmar border is extremely volatile. Thousands of refugees are streaming into Bangladesh following fresh crackdowns on Rohingyas led by the Myanmar army. Hundreds of Rohingyas have been killed so far.
  • Donald Trump's flawed South Asia policy

    Donald Trump on August 21, 2017, by laying out America's path forward for Afghanistan and South Asia, has re-entered the new Great Game—reminiscent of the 19th century rivalry between Britain and Russia.
  • Trump puts Iran nuclear deal in jeopardy

    During his presidential campaign, Donald Trump repeatedly declared that the Iran nuclear deal, known as “Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action” (JCPOA), was the worst agreement the US has ever signed, and his first priority as president would be to “tear up” the deal. JCPOA has limited Iran's nuclear programme in exchange for removal of all sanctions imposed by the West and the United Nations.
  • Ratcheting up tension in Korean Peninsula

    A lot has been reported over the past couple of weeks about the escalating tension in the Korean Peninsula. As the western media demonises North Korea, one gets the impression that it is led by a “crazy fat kid” (Kim Jong-Un, 33), who is ready to go to war with America.