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  • Mahbubur Rahman Khan

  • Gas burner

    Gas crisis hits capital again

    Farhana Nasrin cradled her one-and-a-half-year old daughter with one hand and tried to light the stove with the other. The baby was crying for food and the mother wanted to cook something to calm her down.

    Around 10:00pm, Redwanur Rahman was going to his Azimpur residence. Suddenly, near the New Market footover bridge, he found himself blinded by bright, flashing lights.
  • BRTA to go fully digital

    The longstanding harassment and practice of corruption in getting a driving licence and vehicle registration and fitness certificate is likely to end by this year as Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) is fully digitising its manual service.
  • Of a dynamic city mayor, his dreams

    He worked tirelessly and was planning to do more to realise his dream of making Dhaka a modern city, but death has halted the mission.
  • No permit? No problem!

    Over 10,000 CNG-run autorickshaws ply the Dhaka city streets illegally by bribing a syndicate of traffic policemen and middlemen. Autorickshaws require a route permit for operating in the metropolitan area. Around 23,000 autorickshaws run in the capital and almost half of them do not have this permission.