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  • Kuldip Nayar

    Veteran Indian journalist, syndicated columnist, human right activist and author. He was appointed High Commissioner to Great Britain in 1990 and nominated to the upper house of Indian Parliament in 1997. He is also the author of 15 books, including "Beyond the Lines” and "India after Nehru."

  • Asma Jahangir as I knew her

    Asma Jahangir, who passed away last week, was a popular human rights lawyer and social activist.
  • Security for all not feasible

    Two more policemen died in the valley. This is not the first time that there is casualty in Kashmir. But the disconcerting aspect is that
  • The economics of politics

    It's understandable that this year's budget should have an eye on rural India which constitutes some 70 percent of voters.
  • Awards losing their sheen

    When the constitution has banned awards why should they be there. They violate the spirit of the constitution and the general understanding.
  • Crisis in the Indian judicial system

    Whether it was a prover-bial storm in a teacup or something else, the fact remains that the judiciary has been exposed. The impartiality with which it is known has been shaken.