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  • Ihtisham Kabir

  • School Memories

    My school life was divided into two parts. The first part, from Kindergarten to Class Five, was in Blue Bird School in my hometown
  • The Iora and the Tit

    It is a very cold morning. I am back in Purbachol after several weeks. Walking across my favourite field, I approach a thicket of trees
  • Bird

    Get Started in Birdwatching

    Sometimes I am invited to present a slide show on birds of Bangladesh at gatherings. When I finish, some common questions come
  • Our Avian Bounty

    The masked finfoot is one of the rarest and most mysterious birds in the world. Found in the Bangladesh Sundarban, it has lobed – not
  • Birds of Madagascar

    Madagascar, an island in the Indian Ocean northeast of South Africa, broke off many million years ago from the giant merged