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  • Eresh Omar Jamal

    The writer is a member of the Editorial team, The Daily Star.

  • A disaster we made worse

    “Bangladesh is a disaster-prone country due to its geographical location. So, we've to live with the phenomenon with necessary plans to keep the extent of damages and loss of lives to a minimum during any disaster.”
  • 9/11: Post-mortem of the “official story”

    Sixteen years after a series of coordinated terrorist attacks by al-Qaeda (as the story goes) shook the United States and the world, the number of questions-raised-left-unanswered has perhaps never been any higher.
  • Banking sector woes worse than you may think!

    That "political will", however, is not very likely to just automatically emerge from within the government on its own, as is often the case.
  • Why citizens must demand fiscal transparency

    in order to properly regulate our system of democracy through the concept of “checks and balances,” citizens also have the complete right, and responsibility even, to demand from the government, transparency and accountability to the fullest. It is about time that the citizens of this country exercised that right, and took responsibility, for establishing the practice of good governance.
  • Nagasaki Day: “A peep into hell”

    Having dropped the A-bomb on Hiroshima, Brigadier-General Paul Warfield Tibbets Junior—pilot of the first plane (Enola Gay) to drop the atomic bomb—said to have blinked from the flash behind his goggles. When he opened his eyes to look down, what he saw, he described as “a peep into hell.”