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  • Protect your child from hand, foot and mouth disease

    Hand, foot and mouth disease is common in children but can also occur in adults. Now a days school going children especially in the
  • Headaches: When to worry

    Everybody has experienced some sort of headache during their daily life, sometimes it has just nagging discomfort but it may be so severe that it could disrupt your daily activities or make you home bound, not getting any interest in anything.
  • Ice cream headaches

    Ice cream headaches are brief, stabbing headaches that can happen when you eat, drink or inhale something cold. Digging into an ice
  • Belly fat in women: Increasing the risk of heart disease

    An expanding waistline is sometimes considered the price of getting older. For women, this can be especially true after menopause,
  • What are probiotics?

    We are very familiar with antibiotics but few have an idea about probiotics. Antibiotics kill bacteria and probiotics are bacteria which are beneficial for your digestive system. Probiotics are good bacteria that are either the same as or very similar to the bacteria that are already in your body.