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  • A quiet masterpiece that serves as Dhaka's gateway

    These buildings also had a political history. They were the products of what the military regime of Muhammad Ayub Khan called the “Decade of Development” (1958-68), intertwined with West Pakistan's shrewd political strategy of placating East Pakistan's agitating Bengalis through architectural and infrastructure development.
  • The Unfinished Task of Teaching History

    Teaching history has always been tricky. I have been examining how history is taught in architecture programmes in Bangladeshi

    Urban planners need to see the disenfranchised classes not as the poor but as fellow human beings who deserve, like anybody else, basic access to all urban amenities and social institutions.
  • Global media and Dhaka's urbanisation

    It is no longer news that Dhaka has earned the infamy of being one of the world's most unliveable cities and “worst vacation spots.” We have become accustomed to hearing Dhaka's moniker, the “traffic capital of the world,” in different global media. Every time the city's alleged urban dysfunction is in the news, local social-media reactions are typically three-pronged.
  • The peculiar global invisibility of 1971

    A few years ago, I attended a book launch event for Gary Bass's The Blood Telegram (2013) at the Martin Luther King Jr.